About Innscor

Innscor Africa Limited is a publicly quoted Zimbabwean based company which operates in various industries ranging from appliances, supermarkets, food retail, distribution agencies, tourism, farming, milling and meat processing.

Innscor International Franchising (IIF) is the "quick service restaurant" (QSR) franchising division which operates in 7 different countries across Africa, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana and Senegal.

The QSR brands under the IIF umbrella consist of:

  • Chicken Inn
  • Pizza Inn
  • Creamy Inn
  • Baker's Inn
  • Vasili's
  • Galito's

In total, Innscor has in excess of 320 stores in Africa.

Each of Innscor's brands has its own, well-established Intellectual Property (IP). Each brand operates in its own silo, with separate brand management. Additionally, each brand is committed to consistently adding new items to their menu, keeping our offering fresh for our consumers – which keeps them coming back for more.

The majority of our stores are within a food court environment, which allows us to reach consistently high numbers of consumers. We have also created a strategic partnership with Petroleum site operators, offering exceptional convenience. Both of these locations ensure consistent footfall and sales.

For franchisees looking for proven investments, Innscor's brands boast a solid history, strong business and marketing equity, as well as the support of Innscor, every step of the way.

Undoubtedly, these factors make our brands extremely attractive as investments.